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01 - 10 - 2022

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The second Why Dragon album 'Nautilus' is finished.

The album is a sonic journey of events that've inspired us over the last year. Travels, experiences, new friends and discoveries all along the way. 
It's a selection of eight out of the twenty tracks we wrote between January and June 2022.
The Nautilus is a fabulous example of the Fibonacci sequence, and as there's an indefinable sense of spiralling in this collection of tracks, the album title came easy.
Nautilus will be available at all on line platforms on 01.10.22. 
You can pre-order it here for £5.50 [nearly half price] and get a free bonus EP !
Pre-orders are limited to 25 so first come first served..

Responses to our debut album:

"Really enjoyed this"
"Love it! Think I’ll be listening to this most nights before bed  Very relaxing "
"Awesome work lovely man"
"Amazing. Love this. Look forward to hearing some more"
"Its a beautiful album, I listened to it whist doing a psychedelic voyage a few weeks back"

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